Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm ready Mr. Disney!

Of the iconic things that define Disneyland is not what you think. it's not Mickey Mouse. Sure, it works for Disney, but I'm talking Disneyland folks.

It's the Monorail. As an adult I'm somewhat jaded by thrill rides like Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Tower of Terror, but as a kid riding on the monorail was awesome. And if I was lucky and got to sit right up by the driver, ooooh man!

Lots of kids would pretend to be train engineers and jet pilots. Second rate stuff. They couldn't come close to running the monorail. There was something about that clear dome that has a special draw for me. Poking my head up and looking around through that dome is something I still want to do.

The idea of actually driving one was something I knew wouldn't happen for me. After all, think of all the training you need. It's right up there with being an astronaut. So, sadly that was a always going to be no more than a dream... until now.

Somebody found the training manual for running the monorail and they published it here. I tried reading it but every time I've started my gaze turns to the photographs and I get a wispy smile. I'm sure I'll eventually get to the text, but for the time being I'm just going to let my internal five year old run around growling, 'Vermoom!'

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