Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's the home stretch!

I'm taking off this coming week for nothing but heads down writing. I know it won't take me all week to finish, but I'll also be working with the cover artist to wrap up the cover and chapter art. There's also all of the little loose ends that need to be tied up but my goal is to have a finished product ready to publish by the end of the week.

Oh my gosh, finally! I can't wait to see it listed on Amazon. I have no idea if it'll sell. I don't know if people will like it. I've given copies out to be read through to be sure I have everything in the right place, etc.,  and they came back with very positive reviews. That's encouraging, but there's no telling what the general public will think of it, or if they'll ever see it in the sea of other great books out there.

I can't begin to express how much I enjoy writing. If others can find enjoyment in reading what I've created then that makes me feel really good because it's like I'm somehow able to share my love of writing with readers. If that makes sense.

I'm cracking up because I'm absolutly beat from going out with my wife as she shops for cars, and working up the umph! to write is a bit hard but I'm powered on as my daughter and her friend blast away at Guitar Hero behind me.

Oh, dinner is on and I have to go or I'll be getting, yup, there it is, the dark looks from my wife that say, 'It's getting cold.' i.e., Move your butt!.

Gotta go. Thanks for stopping by.

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