Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Last Hurdle

I grimace when I think back, low those months ago, when I was convinced that I was a week away from publishing my book. I took a week off from work to wrap it up believing that by the weekend I'd be looking at the web site showing the cover of my new book.

Then reality did a ninja move on me and everything fell apart. Wow, it really hurts when I think of all that time slipping by with nothing to show for it. That was then. This is now.

One of the problems was getting the cover art done. I had to make some hard decisions but in the end it worked out nicely. I found an artist who was helpful and responsive. Concept drafts went back and forth but the artist was on the ball. So now, cover done.

This weekend I give the book a final check, just to be sure I haven't messed anything up with the epub formatting and then it goes out.

I'm both excited and nervous. I've had a number of people read it and have gotten back very positive feedback, so I think readers will really enjoy it, but there's always that nagging doubt. Well, I won't know until it's out there.

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